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Stylized Snow Leopard sketch :iconcrimedragon:CrimeDragon 1 0 Ethan the Blu Boi :iconcrimedragon:CrimeDragon 1 2 Pocket Trico Plushie :iconcrimedragon:CrimeDragon 0 0 Human Toy Chica :iconcrimedragon:CrimeDragon 1 1 Lightning :iconcrimedragon:CrimeDragon 1 0 Antisepticeye Sketch :iconcrimedragon:CrimeDragon 0 0 Hungry? :iconcrimedragon:CrimeDragon 0 0 Old flyer/abandoned concept art :iconcrimedragon:CrimeDragon 2 1 Trapped and Broken :iconcrimedragon:CrimeDragon 0 0 Bendy and the Ink Machine Sketch :iconcrimedragon:CrimeDragon 3 0 When Lightning Strikes :iconcrimedragon:CrimeDragon 0 0 I'm Happy to See You :iconcrimedragon:CrimeDragon 1 1 Hang On :iconcrimedragon:CrimeDragon 0 0 The Ringmaster :iconcrimedragon:CrimeDragon 3 2 This is What You Get :iconcrimedragon:CrimeDragon 1 0 My Skin is Strong :iconcrimedragon:CrimeDragon 0 0


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Stylized Snow Leopard sketch
My aunt requested this, because she LOVES the snow leopard :3
I decided to make an oc out of it, so...
Name: Leous
Sex: Male
Age: 17
-Cheerful, playful
-Big brother and always acts like one
-Likes to hunt
-Plays with prey before he kills it
-Great Guardian
Ethan the Blu Boi
I was drawing this in literacy today... my bitch teacher saw it when I was supposed to be reciting my lines I have to memorize of Shakespeare.... she grabbed the paper, crumbled it up, and threw it in the trash. I used water color pencils and I was applying the water with my finger... that's why it's so smeared and blotched... I dug it out of the trash can after that...
Pocket Trico Plushie
I failed
This can fit in my 14 year old hands and it fits inside my sweater pocket. That's how small it is and it was extremely hard to sew. Took me 3 days of wasted time.
If you for some reason want the pattern contact me on here.
Human Toy Chica
Something I did super randomly tonight. It's currently 2:10 a.m., I'm hyped up on coffee, so I decided to waste my life doing this on my phone. Hope you like it even though it's bad.
Antisepticeye Sketch
I've been doing a lot of sketches at school in my notebook lately. So unfortunately there are LIGHT BLUE FUCKING OBSTRUCTIVE LINES all over my PERFECT drawing.
This is the next part of Trico's story. I'm using Jack instead of the character we play as because Sean is way better. So Jack freed Trico and cleared him of spears, now Jack is obviously bringing the wonderful Trico a wonderful Barrel. :)
Time take: 1 hour 14 minutes
Materials used:
-Mechanical #2 Pencil
-Random colored pencils
Old flyer/abandoned concept art
Something that I did based off of something you might see in the Workshop of Bendy and the Ink Machine. I drew this randomly in literacy today.
I no longer sexually identify as a woman. I am now a Trico because humans are so fucking dumb.
Hello new world

embedded_item1488771601403 by CrimeDragon
Speed paint suggestions, anyone?

(I'm not making any promises, by the way)
Bendy and the Ink Machine Sketch
I drew this from memory in my literacy class so I'm sorry Benny's head is too big...
When Lightning Strikes
I'm working on Trico's story in the game, so I drew him getting struck by lightning first. It was a very sad moment for me...
Time taken: 58 minutes
Materials used:
-Mechanical #2 Pencil
-SimplyArt colored pencils
Why do people think Bendy (Bendy and the Ink Machine) is a demon? I mean, his tail isn't visible... I was thinking that he was a cat...

Like that old cartoon I used to watch "Felix the Cat"

embedded_item1488602547488 by CrimeDragon
I have not been able to draw the past 3 days...
I'm trying to draw Funtime Foxy but my dad is trying to make sure I go to sleep so he keeps checking on me...
My dad doesn't know me apparently...

embedded_item1488173201505 by CrimeDragon
I'm going to try to do a speed paint a little later today... It might not be until way later because my friend's crazy parents are taking her bowling for her birthday
Hello everybody! Today I am obviously talking about drawing realistically. It's quite simple, really. I will walk you through every step I take to draw like this.
Materials needed:
-Pencil (I recommend a mechanical so you can extend the lead for shading and sketching)
-Paper (I recommend sketch book quality paper)
-Electronic device (I recommend a phone or tablet)
-Artistic ability
Step 1: Choose the right day
According to ancient science, being a lunatic meant your sanity was affected by the position of the moon. I am technically a lunatic, and you can be like this too. What does this have to do with drawing? It seems to me that this can affect artistic abilities. See, some days I draw two or three things and color one or two of them, and that depends if I am inspired or not. Maybe that doesn't have to do with the moon... BUT... Some days I cannot draw if it would save my life. Others, I draw pretty damn good (if I do say so myself). For example, my realistic Trico drawing, or my realistic Toy/Shadow Bonnie drawing, and my recent realistic Withered Bonnie drawing were drawn on the same day. Today, however, I couldn't draw, but I could write two good poems and a six-page-long short story. It depends on the day, so sketch an outline of the thing you want to draw and if it doesn't turn out well, try again tomorrow.
Step 2: Find a picture
If you want to draw picture of a YouTuber or a video game character, etc., then you have to pull up a picture of it. Search the picture you want on your phone, tablet, or computer (preferably something that can be lay flat on a desk or the ground). For practice, just use a picture of your character smiling or sitting. Once you get more advanced, you can do your character hunting, angry, or make up your own pose for it. You would only need a picture of the face (and maybe the body for the shape) if you're doing your own pose.
Step 3: Draw
Set your phone or tablet next to or on the corner of your paper. If you have a computer, have it in front of your paper. This is how it will be easier on a phone or tablet: You just have to glance at your picture as your drawing. This is when peripheral vision comes in handy. Just sketch one thing at a time: focus on one point or part of the picture at a time. I usually start with the nose, but you can start with the body or the head. Be sure to sketch, because erasing can be a bitch if you don't sketch. Make sure your proportions are correct. If you want to shade, I recommend using your pencil at first. Once you have your sketch, refine your lines.
Ta-da! You're done
I hope this was helpful :) 


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Victoria Cools
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I am better at free hand, traditional art than digital art. I will rarely make digital art, but when I do, it isn't the best. I think poorly of my art sometimes, so I would love some feedback on it. I would love to know what I need to improve on and what I did good (constructive criticism). I'm fine with hate as well. I couldn't care less. As long as I get some fucking feedback because I never do.


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